Knife Sharpening
with Cutlass

Cutlass offers the advantages that come with working with a professional sharpening service:

  • Reliable and affordable
  • Easy to work with
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Professionally trained technicians
  • Guaranteed results

About Us

Cutlass Sharpening is an exciting way to experience high quality edge sharpening with fast turnaround times and industry-best pricing.

We’ll sharpen your blades to perfection using a combination of appropriate tools for the job:
  • Low RPM, water-cooled stone grinders
  • Fine abrasives
  • Japanese water, ceramic & diamond stones
  • Hand stropping
  • Compound polishing

No one does it better, faster, or sharper than Cutlass. In addition to sharpening, we offer knife restoration, bolster reshaping, retipping and chip grinding. We sharpen all types of blades and in all types of materials.

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Local Pickup and Delivery or Sharpening by Mail

Cutlass Sharpening will pickup and deliver your sharpening jobs in the following zip codes: 60108, 60137, 60139, 60143, 60148, 60187, 60188, 60189, 60555.     Schedule your pick up

Outside of our locally serviced zip codes, please use our Sharpening-by-Mail program. Learn more about Sharpening-by-Mail