Sharpening by Mail


  1. Be sure knives are securely wrapped inside a shipping box. We are not responsible for knives damaged in shipment to us.
  2. If you like, we can ship you a box, including wrapping material, to return your knives to us for the cost of the box and shipping via UPS standard ground, unless otherwise requested.
  3. Complete an Order Form or, on a separate piece of paper, include a return address and your credit card information, including: name on card, expiration date, and security code.

    Please include a daytime contact phone number, in case we have any questions about the handling of your knives, tools, or blades.

    We will price your order properly and return an itemized receipt to you. Your account will not be charged until your sharpening is complete and edge tools en route back to you.

  4. Your knives will be returned to you in a reusable carton. We will endeavor to reuse this carton until it will no longer adequately protect your knives. The current cost of each reusable carton is on the Rates & Shipping page.
  5. Return shipping via UPS standard ground, unless otherwise requested.